Kt Kingtronics 2014 Charity Event

Kt Kingtronics 2014 Charity Event in Guangxi Province

During the New Year's  day in year 2014, Kingtronics International Company visited our sisters and brothers in Guangxi Province.
This time, we brought them a lot of stationery and daily necessities. All of them like it very much.
We are excited to see they are become stronger and taller. More importantly, they realize how precious it is to have an grateful heart.
They show us what they have learned and what improvement they have made in the last year. We are pleased with it.
Here we appeal more and more kind-hearted person to join our team and devote yourself in charity activity.
Now matter where and who you are, if you want to help them, please contact with Kingtronics marketing department.
We have gald to forward your love to them.