Kt Competitive Shorter Lead Time

"Ох ... когда можно будет решить сроки выполнения MLCC ..." будет проблемой, о которой вы можете забыть.

Здесь я хотел бы поделиться и рекомендовать вам керамические конденсаторы Radial MLCC
Kingtronics может предложить Radial MLCC со временем ниже конкурентного срока в стабильные 3-5 недель!

Пожалуйста, сообщите нам, если у вас есть запрос, и мы готовы помочь и поддержать!

Technology Manufacturer Current Lead Time(weeks) Lead Times Trend
Leaded Capacitors - Ceramic AVX 18-20 Stable
Murata 18-20 Stable
Vishay 12-16 Stable
NIC Components 14-18 Increasing
TDK 14-20 Increasing
Kingtronics 3-5 Stable

Kt Kingtronics Radial E-Cap GKT-GN

A Kingtronics produz capacitores de alta qualidade e vende ao redor do mundo, o capacitor 
eletrolítico de alumínio radial GKT-GN é um dos best-sellers com preço competitivo, a única 
característica diferente, não polarizada, usada em inversão de polaridade e mudança de circuitos. 
Aqui estão alguns detalhes sobre GKT-GN Radial Lead tipo E Cap.

Características dos capacitores eletrolíticos de alumínio GKT-GN Radial Through-hole:
Várias dimensões: 5 * 11mm - 19 * 35mm
Vida útil longa: 1000 horas
Qualidade certificada ISO / RoHS

Especificação dos capacitores eletrolíticos de alumínio de passagem radial GKT-GN:
Faixa de temperatura operacional: -40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Faixa de tensão: 6.3Vdc-160Vdc
Capacidade de ampla gama: 0,47uF - 6800uF

O que você está esperando? Venha fazer um pedido conosco, você nunca se arrependerá! Mais 
informações, visite o site da Kingtronics:

Kt Kingtronics Provides Some Information about us--Please Visit below Domains

Kingtronics International Company
Tel: +86 769 8118 8110
Web: www.kingtronics.com
Blog: www.kingtronics.cn ; www.m7diode.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kingtronics-International-Company/238450949594841

E-catalogue: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/leaflets.pdf
Diode M7 Leaflet:http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/Kingtronics-M7-leaflet.pdf

ISO 9001:2008 certification: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/iso.pdf
Bridge rectifier UL certification: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/Bridge-rectifier1.pdf
Trimming potentiometer SGS certification: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/Trimming-potentiometer1.pdf
Dipped tantalum capacitors SGS certification: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/Dipped-tantalum1.pdf

Kingtronics/Kt brand, ISO, SGS & UL certified manufacturer, two factories since 1990

Extremely competitive prices, stable and high quality, very short lead time.
Trimming Potentiometer 3296, 3266, 3006, 3386, 3362, 3329, SMD C3305...
Radial Tantalum Capacitor
Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Diode LL4148, M7, S1M, GS1M, BZV55C, BZX55C, 1N4007, 1N4148...
Bridge MB2S~MB10S, DB107, DB107S, GBU410, KBP210...
Transistor BC807-16/25/40, BC817-16/25/40, BC846A/B/C ~ BC850A/B/C, BC856A/B/C ~ BC859A/B/C, MMBT3904, MMBT3906...

Cross to Bourns, AVX, Kemet, Murata, Samsung, Nemco, BI, Vishay, Fairchild, Diotec...

Kt Kingtronics Quartz Crystals --- Kt Marking

Kingtronics offers leaded quartz crystal HC49U, HC49S and SMD quartz crystal HC49SMD. The quartz crystal market, in general, requires hands on customer service.

Kingtronics rapid response and in depth technical support is exceptional. You will find our highly skilled, experienced sales representatives satisfactory.


Quartz Crystals General Information

Quartz Crystals
Kingtronics P/N Quartz Crystal Size Frequency Range Datasheet
QKT-HC49U Leaded Quartz Crystal 11.05x4.65x13.46mm 1.8432MHz to 200.000MHz ↓ Download PDF
QKT-HC49S Leaded Quartz Crystal 11.05x4.65mx3.7mm 3.200MHz to 90.000 MHz ↓ Download PDF
QKT-HC49SMD SMD Quartz Crystal 11.35x4.7x3.8mm 3.200MHz to 90.000 MHz ↓ Download PDF

Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitors, mono capacitor, which is one of most strong series of Kingtronics.
Kingtronics international company, a hongkong based maunfaucturer since 1990, with ISO 9001 : 2008 approval, under our own brand "kingtronics".
We have registered trademark "Kt".
Our radial multilayer ceramic capacitor with very good reputation in the market!
We sell to many big customers over the world, and never get complaint.
We have mature technoloty for this capacitor with unbeatable price!


Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

Kingtronics, we are ISO manufacturer with two factories. Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor is one of kingtronics most strong offer!
We sell radial multilayer ceramic capacitor to many big customer for many years, we are the most competitive manufacturer in the market!
Here show you some brief description of our products, with mature technology:
Kingtronics own brand: Kingtronics
Technical support
2-3 weeks delivery
unbeatable price
good service
high quality
free samples
With above you should trust kingtronics will not let you down!
If you have any doubt you can contact our sales at any time, we will response you at the soonest!
Please have a look at our picture, from the sight of view you may satisfied with our products, let's go ahead, start our further cooperations!

Kt Kingtronics Radial MLCC Capacitor

MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, through hole, radial type 

MKT different countries Key words:
kondensatoren mlcc THT(Germany); Condensatori ceramici multistrato(Italy); mono condensador(Spain);condensateurs céramiques THT(France)
Keramiska kondensatorer(Sweden); mlcc tht kondensaattorit(Finland); kondensatory ceramiczne THT(Poland); конденсаторы керамические THT(Russia)
конденсатори mlcc THT(Ukraine); condensatoare mlcc THT(Romania); keramické kondenzátory THT(Slovakia); керамични кондензатори THT(Balgaria)
condensadores multicamadas de cerâmica PTH (Brazil); tht kerámia kondenzátorok(Hungry); keramické kondenzátory THT(CZ)

MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, through hole, radial type
0.01uF 50V X7R +/-10% P:5.08mm bulk RoHS US$0.0055/pc
Datasheet: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/radial-mlcc-capacitors.pdf

MKT -Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Mono Cap)  Cross Guide 

Kingtronics Series          AVX                   Murata              Kemet     
 MKT series               SR,SA series     RPE series     C315-C350    
      Vishay              NIC         Nippon            TDK          Panasonic 
 K(Mono Cap)         NCM    THD series    FK Series     ECU-S


Kt Kingtronics TKT Dipped Tantalum Capacitor Cross to AVX TAP Series

As we introduced before our dipped tantalum capacitor can cross to AVX TAP series. Here pls check below corresponding P/N between we Kingtronics and AVX.
We can offer you better price and faster delivery. If you have inquiry on hand now, kindly pls email to sales2@kingtronics.com  We will response to you instantly.

Kingtronics Dipped tantalum capacitor  AVX TAP Series
TKT 3R3J0602BR TAP335J006SCS
TKT 4R7J0602BR TAP475J006SCS
TKT 100J0602BR TAP106J006SCS
TKT 330J0605BR TAP336J006CCS
TKT 101J0605BR TAP107J006CCS
TKT 2R2K1005BR TAP225K010CCS
TKT 3R3K1005BR TAP335K010CCS
TKT 4R7K1005BR TAP475K010CCS
TKT 100K1005BR TAP106K010CCS
TKT 150K1005BR TAP156K010CCS
TKT 1R5K1605BR TAP155K016CCS
TKT 2R2K1605BR TAP225K016CCS
TKT 4R7K1605BR TAP475K016CCS
TKT 100K1605BR TAP106K016CCS
TKT 330K1605BR TAP336K016CCS
TKT 010K2505BR TAP105K025CCS
TKT 1R5K2505BR TAP155K025CCS
TKT 6R8K2505BR TAP685K025CCS
TKT 100K2505BR TAP106K025CCS
TKT 150K2505BR TAP156K025CCS
TKT 0R1M3502BR TAP104M035SCS
TKT 0R15M3502BR TAP154M035SCS
TKT 0R22M3502BR TAP224M035SCS
TKT 0R33M3502BR TAP334M035SCS
TKT 0R47M3502BR TAP474M035SCS
TKT 0R68M3502BR TAP684M035SCS
TKT 010M3502BR TAP105M035SCS
TKT 2R2M3502BR TAP225M035SCS
TKT 6R8M3502BR TAP685M035SCS
TKT 100M3502BR TAP106M035SCS
TKT 220M3502BR TAP226M035SCS
TKT 221M3502BR TAP227M035SCS

Kt Kingtronics Strong Bridge Rectifier MB2S THRU MB10S

Are you interested in bridge rectifier MBS series? Will you use or buy them? Do you familiar with its characteristics and applications? Today I will have a detailed explaination for you.
MBS series include MB2S, MB4S, MB6S, MB8S, MB10S. It's single phase 0.8 AMPS and glass passivated. Voltage ranges from 200V to 1000V with current 0.8 Amperes. It's ideal for printed circuit board with high temperature soldering guaranteed.

Because of its reliable low cost construction technique, it is widely used in many inexpensive products. Below are the application fileds:
Power supply, lighting, ballaster, battery charger, home appliance, office equipment, telecommunication applications.
Above all are necessary in our daily life, so the bridge rectifer MBS series are consumed in large quantity. Are you engaged in these fields? Do you buy/use this kind of bridge rectifier? We Kingtronics can offer you very good price with fast delivery. And our bridge rectifier is UL certified.
Below is our offer for your info. Could you pls check and send me some inquiry?
Bridge rectifier:
US$0.0492/pc DB107S DBS 50pcs/Tube RoHS with UL approved
US$0.0432/pc MB6S MBS 2500pcs/Reel RoHS with UL approved
Welcome to check more price from us via email sara@kingtronics.cn

Kt Kingtronics Strong Capacitor--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Dear Friends,
How are you? This is Sara from Kingtronics. I suppose you already have some impression on our company and products, right?
From google searching you can find our website, blog or products photos, and you also can find us in some famous distributors line card like Avnet, Farnell. Such famous distributors are buying radial mlcc capacitors from us, so you dont need to worry about products quality. We have very fast delivery and good package.
L/T: 3-4 weeks
Package: Ammo or Bulk(below is ammo photo for your reference)
Datasheet: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/radial-mlcc-capacitors.pdf
Do you have order or inquiry now? Kindly pls send me so that I can share you some ideas. I believe our price and service can make you satisfied.
Pls feel free to emeil to sales2@kingtronics.com and we will give full support and excellent service.
Look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice weekend.