Kt Why you did not succeed ?

Why you did not succeed ?
Review: perhaps you have experienced the same problem: you have a clear goal, you know how to do it myself, but the problem is the inability to achieve this goal. Don't stress, many people have this problem. In fact, most people don't achieve the desired goal is because they made a few people generally make mistakes. Once you have made a few errors, then they will destroy your whole plan. Once you recognize these errors, then you will be able to successfully achieve their goals. The following lists these seven mistakes people make, and also tells you how to look at them and deal with them.

#1 – You Expect Too Much, Too Soon As a generation used to instant gratification, we want it all and we want it now. There’s a reason marketers promise a flat belly in 6 weeks; a better life in 15 minutes; easy money in a few hours. They cash in on our laziness. But the truth is, anything worth having takes time and effort. Whether you want to run amarathon or make a million dollars, think long-term. Be prepared for good days, bad days and a million setbacks on the long ride to success.

#2 – You Burn Yourself Out Every January, gyms fill up with New Year’s Resolutioners who want to get fit “this year.” They train for hours, use every machine and work themselves to half-death. No wonder they burn out in a few weeks and never go to the gym again. Don’t make the same mistake. A moderate, sustained effort is better than an intense burst that leaves you exhausted. Pacing yourself is crucial to achieving your goals.

#3 – You’re A Perfectionist We often wait for the perfect moment, feeling or opportunity to take action. “I’m sleepy; if I start my essay now, it’ll probably be bad. Maybe tomorrow.”But since life is inherently imperfect, waiting often turns into procrastination. The right time might never come, but that’s no reason to do nothing. If there’s a goal to be achieved, don’t wait: the best time for action is always now.

#4 – You Punish Yourself What happens when we do the “wrong thing”? Drunk-dial an ex; eat 12 muffins three days into a diet; buy a pink flamingo with our rent money? We punish ourselves. “Why did I do that? I’m an idiot. I’ll never amount to anything; I’m destined to fail.” And once you start thinking this way, it’s easy to make more bad decisions. “I’ll be fat forever; may as well eat 20 more muffins.”Instead of punishing yourself for bad choices, remember that you’re only human. Everyone makes mistakes; successful people just don’t think about theirs too much. Never let a fewscrew-ups drive you into negative thinking.

#5 – You Relax Too Early When you start making progress, it’s tempting to let go and relax. “I worked hard to get here; I should stop and enjoy the fruits of my labor for a bit.”
The problem is, thinking this way gives you an excuse to slack off. Your mind always wants you to make as little effort as necessary. Once you have a sense of accomplishment, there’s little motivation to keep going. So don’t relax. Always commit to keep going until you reach success – and make an effort to maintain it when you have it. This will help you stay on your toes, build positive momentum through repeated effort and keep old habits away.

#6 – You Need Approval From Other People Humans are social beings; we want to be liked and accepted. That’s why being admired for your achievements is such a great feeling. But relying on the approval of others for motivation and direction is dangerous. Other people might want you to do things that make you unhappy; they might disagree with your goals or methods. When that happens, it’s easy to doubt yourself and consider changing course.
But do you really want to let other people control your life? No matter what your goals are, the only approval you ever need is your own. Enjoy compliments when you get them, but put your own wants first.

#7 – Resistance No matter how motivated and disciplined you are, you’ll have off days. When they come, the temptation is to stress out. “Why do I feel so tired today? I need to feel energetic right now. Man oh man, what do I do? This sucks!”That’s how resistance works: by refusing to accept events and situations, we make them worse. Before you know it, you’ve made yourself feel bad over nothing.The solution is acceptance. No matter what happens, simply make the best of it. The next time you feel down, try saying: “Well, I feel tired today. I guess I’ll just do what I can and see what happens.”


Kt Kingtronics Strong Bridge Rectifier MB2S THRU MB10S

Are you interested in bridge rectifier MBS series? Will you use or buy them? Do you familiar with its characteristics and applications? Today I will have a detailed explaination for you.
MBS series include MB2S, MB4S, MB6S, MB8S, MB10S. It's single phase 0.8 AMPS and glass passivated. Voltage ranges from 200V to 1000V with current 0.8 Amperes. It's ideal for printed circuit board with high temperature soldering guaranteed.

Because of its reliable low cost construction technique, it is widely used in many inexpensive products. Below are the application fileds:
Power supply, lighting, ballaster, battery charger, home appliance, office equipment, telecommunication applications.
Above all are necessary in our daily life, so the bridge rectifer MBS series are consumed in large quantity. Are you engaged in these fields? Do you buy/use this kind of bridge rectifier? We Kingtronics can offer you very good price with fast delivery. And our bridge rectifier is UL certified.
Below is our offer for your info. Could you pls check and send me some inquiry?
Bridge rectifier:
US$0.0492/pc DB107S DBS 50pcs/Tube RoHS with UL approved
US$0.0432/pc MB6S MBS 2500pcs/Reel RoHS with UL approved
Welcome to check more price from us via email sara@kingtronics.cn

Kt Kingtronics Diode M7,LL4148 Offer

Here i strongly promote our popular diodes to you ! Kindly pls check our offer as below:
Diode M7 SMA T&R RoHS              US$0.0068/pc for  500K~1KKpcs
SM4007 melf T&R RoHS                 US$0.015/pc  for 300Kpcs
LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS                 US$0.0035/pc for 1KKpcs
BZV55C mini melf Zener dioder

In case you have bigger quantity, please send me target prices and let me review above offer.

I would be very appreciated to receive your above diode inquiry. Thanks for your attention on this.

Strong products:
Diode M7 S1M LL4148 BZV55C, Bridge rectifierRadial mlcc capacitordipped tantalum capacitor
Trimming potentiometers.

Kt Kingtronics Zener Diode BZX85C

This week our topic is Zener Diode. Do you know what is zener diode? What's the application? Here I 
will have a detailed explanation for you.

Zener diodes are a special type of semiconductor diode--devices that allow current to flow in one 
direction only, which also allow current to flow in the opposite direction, but only when exposed to 
enough voltage. And while that sounds a bit esoteric, they're actually among the handiest components ever to cross an engineer's bench, providing great solutions to a number of common needs in circuit 

It can be widely used on protector and receiver. Do you need them in your production? or do you have any friends or customers who use/buy them? Kindly pls note and help to promote.

We can offer you very good prices and fast delivery once you have inquiry for us.

Look forward to hearing from you and pls email to info@kingtronics.com.

Kt Kingtronics strong offer diode, radial mlcc, trimming potentiometer


Kingtronics are old manufacturer, we produce good quality and sell very competitive prices for components, welcome to send me inquiry to check our prices. Also we will you very good service!

Here list our strength and advantages:

1) Manufacturer with two factories,  based in HK with our own brand Kingtronics, we have three trademarks: King, Kt, and Kingtronics

2) Certifications we have: ISO 9001: 2008, UL certification (bridge), SGS certification, all our products are with RoHS compliant

3) Lead time for our strong series:
        --Radial multialyer ceramic capacitors 3-4 weeks
        --Radial tantalum capacitors 35-40 days
        --Diode & bridge rectifier: 4-6 weeks
        --LL4148 & diode rectifier M7 have regular stock
        -- Trimming potentiometer 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3590S 4-6 weeks

Kt Kingtronics UF4001 THRU UF4007


Reverse Voltage - 50 to 1000 Volts Forward Current - 1.0 Ampere

◆The plastic package carries Underwriters Laboratory
   Flammability Classification 94V-0
◆Ultra fast switching for high efficiency
◆Low reverse leakage
◆High forward surge current capability
◆High temperature soldering guaranteed:
   250 C/10 seconds,0.375”(9.5mm) lead length,5 lbs. (2.3kg) tension 
Case: JEDEC DO-41 molded plastic body
Terminals: Plated axial leads, solderable per MIL-STD-750,Method 2026
Polarity: Color band denotes cathode end
Mounting Position: Any
Weight:0.012 ounce, 0.33 grams

More diode & bridge rectifier, please kindly send me your RFQ.
Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, GS1M, SM4007, UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B; Zener BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4761A, ZM4728; Bridge ABS2-ABS10, DB107, MB10S, KBL410, KBPC2510, KBPC3510, GBU410, GBJ810....etc...

Kt Kingtronics SMD diode SM4007


SM4007--Surface mount diode, standard silicon rectifier diodes, can be used widely on PCB, power supply, power meter...
Our factory can support you very competitive price with high quality, we can help you save cost.
You know we are ISO manufacturer, most of time we help our customers to solve their problemds together, what can we do for you?
SM4007 Melf T&R RoHS 5000pcs/reel
Very popular on the market! We can help you win more orders. Pls send  your email to Olivia for your inquiry: sales1@kingtronics.com
If you do not have demand of above diode and bridge rectifier, please check below, maybe you need them. Our total production lines: 43 lines.
MKT:  Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor.
TKT:   Dipped tantalum capacitor.
RKT:   Trimmer potentiometer 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S SMD C3305...

Diode rectifier:  Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, GS1M, SM4007, UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B...
Bridge rectifier: ABS2-ABS10, DB107, MB10S, KBL410,  KBPC2510,  KBPC3510,  GBU410, GBJ810...
Zener diode:     BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4727A-1N4761A, ZM4728 ~ZM4761, ZMM1 thru ZMM75
Surge arrester and Quartz crystal line

Kt Kingtronics Hot products:LL4148, M7 and SM4007

Kingtronics are ISO manufacturer , we have two factories, one is for passive component, the other is for active components, we sell them under our own registered band " kingtronics & kt & king ".
Recently LL4148 and SM4007, M7 turn to be very hot in the market, we sell very well, do you have inquiry for these ?
M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS         

LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS      
SM4007 melf  T&R RoHS          

More diode & bridge rectifier:
Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, GS1M, SM4007, UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B; Zener BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4761A, ZM4728; Bridge DB107, MB10S, KBL410, KBPC2510, KBPC3510, GBU410, GBJ810....etc...

Kt Kingtronics Strong Capacitor--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Dear Friends,
How are you? This is Sara from Kingtronics. I suppose you already have some impression on our company and products, right?
From google searching you can find our website, blog or products photos, and you also can find us in some famous distributors line card like Avnet, Farnell. Such famous distributors are buying radial mlcc capacitors from us, so you dont need to worry about products quality. We have very fast delivery and good package.
L/T: 3-4 weeks
Package: Ammo or Bulk(below is ammo photo for your reference)
Datasheet: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/radial-mlcc-capacitors.pdf
Do you have order or inquiry now? Kindly pls send me so that I can share you some ideas. I believe our price and service can make you satisfied.
Pls feel free to emeil to sales2@kingtronics.com and we will give full support and excellent service.
Look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a nice weekend.

Kt Kingtronics exhibited at Expo Electronica Moscow successfully

From April 11th to 13th, 2012, we Kingtronics exhibited at Expo Electronica Moscow. Booth No. is J36 in Hall 3. During the three days, we promoted our products actively and gained full success.
Here I list some samples which are very popular among visitors and share you some nice exhibition photos.


RKT--Trimming potentiometer                                                     Quantity 
3296W-103                                                                                      200
3296W-102                                                                                      200
3006P-103                                                                                       200
3266W-502                                                                                      200
3266W-103                                                                                      200
3386P-103                                                                                       400
diode M7 SMA T&R RoHS                                                              600
diode LL4148 LL-34T&RRoHS                                                       500
S1M SMA T&R RoHS                                                                      300
BZV55C15 LL-34 T&R RoHS                                                          300
DB107S  DBS TUBE RoHS                                                            100
MB10S  MBS T&R RoHS                                                                100 
MKT--radial multilayer ceramic capacitor
0.047uF  50V +/-10% X7R p: 5.08mm Bulk RoHS                           200
TKT--dipped tantalum capacitor
4.7uF 16V +/-20% bulk 2.54mm Bulk RoHS                                    200  

If you have related order/inquiry on hand, pls dont hesitate to contact me via sales2@kingtronics.com I will reply you soon. Thanks in advance.