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Kt Kingtronics (King) Trimming potentiometer

Kingtronics B.I.(Beckman) Bourns Murata Tocos
RKT-3362P 25P 3362P PVC6A GF063P
RKT-3329P 62M,82M 3329P PV32P RJC06P
RKT-3329H 82P 3329H PV32H RJC06W
RKT-3006P 89P 3006P PV23P RJC097P
RKT-3386P 72P 3386P PV34P  
RKT-3296W 67W 3296W PV36W J9W
RKT-3296X 67X 3296X PV36X J9X

Kingtronics trimming potentiometers perform a variety of circuit adjustments in all types of electronic equipment. Trimmers are used in virtually every electronic market.Typical applications include measuring linear distance, angles or rotations in production equipment, industrial test and measurement equipment, and medical equipment.

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