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Kt Kingtronics How to Test Diodes: Silicon Diodes

Silicon diodes act as one-way valves for electrical current, allowing it to flow in only one direction. Like any electronic component,

diodes can fail from excessive voltage or current. Fortunately, diodes are simple to test, needing only a good multimeter to check them.

If you set the multimeter to read resistance and put the probes across the diode, you should read a low resistance one way and high resistance

with the probes reversed. A shorted diode will read low resistance both ways, and a blown diode will read high resistance both ways.


1.Turn off the power to your circuit or equipment. Let the equipment sit for at least 30 minutes before removing the case or cover to allow the power supply to discharge。

2.Locate the diodes you want to test. They are typically small, two-lead parts with a stripe on the body to indicate the diode's cathode side.

3.Turn the multimeter on and turn the function knob so it points to the resistance setting. Hold the plastic body of the probes and are not touching the metal tips.

Touch the tip of the positive probe to one side of the diode and the negative probe to the other side. Read the resistance measurement and write it down.

Reverse the probes so they're touching the opposite sides of the diode. Write down the resistance you read . The higher resistance should be at least 10

times greater than the lower one. If it's less than five, the diode is very likely bad.

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