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Kt Kingtronics Capacitors

MKT:  Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor.  (Output 100kk/month)
AKT:  Axial  multilayer ceramic capacitor  (Output 5kk/month )
(Tolerance±20%; ±10%; ±5% )
L/T: 2-3 weeks, RoHS Compliant
TKT:   Dipped tantalum capacitor. (Output 9kk/month)
CKT:  Chip tantalum capacitor. (Output 20kk/month)
(Tolerance±20%; ±10%; ±5% for special order)
L/T for TKT: 6-8 weeks, CKT: 8-10 weeks. RoHS Compliant
You can find our datasheets on our website page: http://www.kingtronics.com/capacitors/ 

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