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Kt kingtronics Radial MLCC, Axial MLCC & Dipped tantalum capacitor

Do you buy capacitors? kingtronics internationl company can offer you excellent radial multilayer ceramic capacitors, Axial MLCC ceramic capacitors and dipped tantalum capacitors.

We are ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, our radial mlcc, axial MLCC, quality is very stable, we have mature technology and good service, normally delivery is 4 weeks around and sometimes can be even faster.

Also Dipped tantalum capacitor meets & exceeds the requirements of IEC Spec 384-15-3, IECQ Spec QC300201/US003 & SJ/T10856-96, can be used in military applications.

All these goods are base on our own brand KINGTRONICS, and our trade mark Kt. Can you pls take a few minutes to visit our website: www.kingtronics.com

You will find our cross guide for radial multilayer ceramic and axial lead multilayer ceramic capacitors, and all specifications.

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