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Kt Kingtronics Trimming potentiometer 3323

Brief description :

Trimming potentiometer 3323, 1/4" Square Single Turn Cermet Potentiometer, Top Adjust 3323P,3323C,3323R, Side Adjust,3323S,3323W,3323V,3323D

Detailed Description:

Standard Resistance Range 10Ω - 2MΩ

Resistance Tolerance ±5%, ±10%

Absolute Minimum Resistance ≤1% R or 2Ω

Contact Resistance Variation CRV≤1% or 2Ω

Insulation Resistance R1≥1GΩ(500Vac)

Withstand Voltage 707Vac

Effective Travel 250°

Standard Packaging 50pcs, per tube

RoHS compliant

20 years manufacturer, with good quality and attractive price

Kingtronics own brand “KINGTRONICS”

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