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Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

A multilayer ceramic capacitor assembly capable of exhibiting low high-frequency inductance and a controlled equivalent series resitance while manintaining a useful capacitance value includes respective pluralities of first and second electroxle elements interleaved to form a stack.

Aresistive materaial may be used in typical end teminations, via terminations, eletrode elements or connective tab structures.

Additionally, the dielectronic may be made lossy so as to enhance resisivity without overly affecting device capacitance.
Radial MLCC Cap could be used on the remote control, switching power supply, Towel Dispenser, Shortwave Radio Transmitters and Receivers....

We can offer alternative to AVX, Kemet, Murata,,,,Kindly check cross reference on the following and contact us for any inquiry, many thanks!


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