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Kt Kingtronics dipped tantalum capacitors

Kt Kingtronics dipped tantalum capacitors

Kingtronics is manufacturer based in HongKong with ISO certification.

We Kingtronics can produce military level for dipped tantalum capacitors with our own brand " kingtronics", our quality is excellent!

More important, now Kingtronics lead time for dipped tantalum improved a lot with price dropped! We can give you good service and best support! 

Kingtronics offer replacement dipped tantalum cap: AVX TAP series; NIC NDTM series; Kemet T350-T390 series; NEMCO TB series; China CA42 series

Could you please spend a few minutes to visit our website, you will find the whole cross reference, very nice photos for our capacitors, and detailed PDF datasheet.

Kingtronics is a reliable, professional manufacturer, we look forward to do business with you!

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