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Kt Kingtronics Applications of Trimmer Potentiometers

Example1: Flicker adjustment for LCD (Liquid - crystal display)
To adjust the reference voltage (VCOM) of LCD.
With inappropriate reference voltage, there will be flicker on LCD screen.
Use trimmer Potentiometers to adjust reference voltage for flicker restraining.

LCD has some flickers if the voltage is not suitable for LCD.

You can reduce the flickers when you adjust the voltage by using trimmer potentiometer.

Example2: Gain adjustment for Blu-ray, DVD, CD disc reading optical pick - up.

As record media Blu-ray, DVD and CD etc. usually be used, and we use optical pick - up for the data
reading and writing from disc. In an optical pick - up, there is a light - sensitive element to detect
reflected light from disc.And a trimmer potentiometer is used to adjust the sensitivity
of thislight - sensitive element.

Circuit example Playback system device (ex, DVD, CD, playback)

Example3: Sensitivity adjustment for sensor products.

There are all kinds of sensors around our life.

  • Lights turn on automatically when human be detected.
  • Smoke detector for fire preventing.
  • Parking assist system for distance from car to wall.
  • Product detection sensor in factory.

 For these sensors, trimmer Potentiometers are used for suitable sensitivity.

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