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Kt Kingtronics TKT Dipped Tantalum Capacitor

Dear Purchaser, how is your work going recently? Do you have demands for capacitor now?
We Kingtronics is now strongly promote dipped tantalum capacitors. This year we have much better price for it, and the delivery is also faster, only 35-40 days.
If you buy AVX TAP series, NIC NDTM series, Kemet T350 to T390 series..., we can supply your below valued cross guide for your cost down.
We sell dipped tantalum capacitor to many famous distributors and big manufacturers, so you don't need worry about our excellent quality.

Kingtronics Series NIC AVX Kemet Nemco
TKT Series NDTM  TAP T350 to T390 TB  PDT
Kingtronics Series China P/N Daewoo NEC Mallory
TKT Series CA42 TB TD series ND, NP TDC TDL

Below pls check our dipped tantalum capacitor bulk package. Welcome to send me your inquiry on hand.
Pls email to sales2@kingtronics.com and we will response to you instantly.

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