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Kt Kingtronics Strong Series Components

Kingtronics Strong Series Components
( Diodes, Bridge rectifier, Capacitors, Trimmer Potentiometers )
Active Components
Diode rectifier
:  Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, 1N4007, GS1M, SM4007, US1M, RS1M,UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B...
Bridge rectifier: ABS2-ABS10, DB107, DB107S, MB2~10S, W04M, KBL410,  KBPC2510,  KBPC3510,  GBU410, GBJ810...
Zener diode:     BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4727A-1N4761A, ZM4728 ~ZM4761, ZMM1 thru ZMM75

Passive Components
:  Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor.
AKT:  Axial multilayer ceramic capacitor
TKT:  Dipped tantalum capacitor.
RKT:  Trimmer potentiometer 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S SMD C3305...



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