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Kt Kingtronics Small Signal Transistor

Kingtronics Small Signal Transistor offer--High quality & more competitive price than Diodes, Fairchild, NXP, ON Semi, STM.

Regarding how transistor work, pls refer to : http://www.kingtronics.com/news/20131003.html

Small Signal Transistor
BC807-16/25/40   BC817-16/25/40
BC846A/B/C ~ BC850A/B/C         
BC856A/B/C ~ BC859A/B/C
MMBT3904           MMBT3906
MMBT8050C/D      MMBT8550C/D
MMBT9012G/H      MMBT9013G/H
MMBT9014B/C/D   MMBT9018G/H

Diode Rectifier
BAV70 SOT-23 T&R RoHS  SPQ:3kpcs/reel 
BAV99 SOT-23 T&R RoHS  SPQ:3kpcs/reel 
M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS  SPQ:5kpcs/reel, 80kpcs and 14kgs per carton, carton size: 35*35*35cm

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