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Kt Kingtronics trimming potentiometer

Trimming potentiometer is Kingtronics’ first products. We have own brand “KINGTRONICS” with trademark: King, Kingtronics.

Kingtronics provide potentiometer with high quality and attractive price. Our RKT-3296 is one of our best seller. You can find some features:

Square trimming potentiometer, Multiturn, Sealed, Cermet

Standard Resistance Range 10Ω - 5MΩ

Resistance Tolerance ±5%, ±10%

Withstand Voltage 640Vac

Temperature Range -55℃ ~ +150℃

Effective Travel 28 turns nom

Standard Packaging 50pcs, per tube

Othes like RKT- 3006 /3386/ 3266/ 3590S/ 3329 are also selling very well. What's more, we can provide equivalent trimmers of some famous brand like Murata, Vishay...

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