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Kt Kingtronics Diode & Rectifier List

Diode Rectifier Diode Rectifier
Diode M7 DO-214AC (1A 1000V) T&R RoHS. SMA Diode SR560 (5A 60V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27
Diode LL4148 SMD T&R RoHS. Minimelf Diode UF4004 (1А 400V) Bulk RoHS. DO-41
1N4001-1N4007 Diode UF4007 (1A 1000V) Bulk RoHS. DO-41
1N4001S-1N4007S Diode 10A10 (10A 1000V) TO-R6 RoHS R-6
1N5400-1N5408 Diode 1A7 (1A 1000V) Bulk RoHS R-1
1N5391-1N5399 Diode 1N4007 (1A 1000V) Bulk RoHS DO-41
RL201-RL207 Diode 1N4148 (150mА 100V) Bulk RoHS DO-35
FR101-FR107 Diode 1N4448 Bulk RoHS DO-35
1N4933-1N4937 Diode 1N4937 Bulk RoHS DO-41
FR151-FR157 Diode 1N5397 (1,5A 600V) Bulk RoHS DO-15
FR201-FR207 Diode 1N5399 (1,5A 1000V) Bulk RoHS DO-15
FR301-FR307 Diode 1N5408 (3A 1000V) Bulk RoHS DO-27
1N5817-1N5819 Diode 1N5819 (1A 40V) Bulk RoHS DO-41
1N5820-1N5822 Diode 1N5822 (3A 40V) Bulk RoHS DO-27
6A05-6A10 Diode 6A10 (6A 1000V) Bulk RoHS. R-6
1N5230B Diode EM518 (1A 2000V) Bulk RoHS DO-41
BZV55 Diode FR207 (2A 1000V) Bulk RoHS. DO-15
BZV55-C4V3 Diode FR307 (3A 1000V) Bulk RoHS DO-27
BZV55-C10 Diode HER208 (2A 1000V) Bulk RoHS DO-15
RS1M Diode HER305 (3А 400V) Bulk RoHS DO-27
Diode 1N5406 (3A 600V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27 Diode HER307 (3А 800V) Bulk RoHS DO-27
Diode 1N5407 (3A 800V) Bulk RoHS. DO-201AD Diode SS16 (1A 60V) T&R RoHS. SMA
Diode FR157 (1,5A 1000V) Bulk RoHS. DO-15 Diode SS14 (1A 40V) T&R RoHS. SMA
Diode FR607 (6A 1000V) Bulk RoHS. R-6 Diode SF18 (1A 600V) Bulk RoHS. DO-41
Diode HER102 Bulk RoHS. DO-41 Diode SF26 (2A 400V) Bulk RoHS. DO-15
Diode HER107 Bulk RoHS. DO-41 Diode SF28 Bulk RoHS. DO-15
Diode HER108 (1A 1000V) Bulk RoHS. DO-41 Diode SF34 (3A 200V) Bulk RoHS. DO-201AD
Diode HER203 (2А 200V) Bulk RoHS. DO-15 Diode SF36 (3A 400V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27
Diode HER302 (3А 100V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27 Diode SR360 (3A 60V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27
Diode LL4448 SMD MINIMELF Tape & Reel RoHS Diode SR506 (5A 60V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27
Diode SB360 (3А 60V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27 Diode SR510 (5A 100V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27
Diode SB560 (5А 60V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27 Diode SR540 (5А 40V) Bulk RoHS. DO-27

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