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Kt Kingtronics Tantalum Capacitor

Kingtronics produce and sell dipped tantalum capacitor and SMD tantalum capacitor. If you have inquiry, pls send inquiry to sales1@kingtronics.com Pls visit our new website www.kingtronics.com for our ISO 9001: 2008 certification, UL certification, SGS certification.

Tantalum is a dense and ductile metal that is silver-gray in color. It is considered both a refractory metal, due to its high melting point of 2,996 degrees Celsius and a valve metal, due to its tendency to oxidize, which forms an insulating film.

Size & Energy

Tantalum capacitors can pack a lot of energy into a very compact package. This is an essential quality when it comes to electronic devices,

particularly cell phones, mp3 players and portable computers, which have been persistently getting smaller and smaller.A tantalum capacitor rated at 10 uF can produce the same amount of voltage as a 100 uF aluminum capacitor.


Tantalum is extremely resistant to heat. However, the metal is also resistant to extreme temperatures in general, and can retain its properties even in excessive cold, which is important if you leave your cell phone or mp3 in a parked car during winter. In addition, tantalum can withstand exposure to corrosive substances, including sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids.


Tantalum can be electrochemically oxidized so that it forms a stable, insulating film on its outside. This oxidized tantalum makes the perfect

material for the insulating portion of a capacitor, known as a dielectric, which is sandwiched between two conductors.

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