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Kt Kingtronics Bridge rectifier

If you need bridge rectifier, please contact kingtronics. We are a manufacture with owm brand kingtronics with ISO certification.

Kingtronics offer a wide range of diode and bridge rectifier, our UL certification is available. 

please check some of our popular part number like DB107, MB10S, KBL4005,KBU610, KBPC2510, do you have any request about mentioned products?

Find product feartures for Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers DB107 Tube RoHS:

Ideal for printed circuit board

Reliable low cost construction technique

results in inexpensive product

High temperature soldering guaranteed:

260 / 10 seconds / 0.375” ( 9.5mm )℃

lead length at 5 lbs., ( 2.3 kg ) tension

Hope you can take a few minutes to visit our website, you can find very good pictures and details of our products with our trade mark Kt, kingtronics.

And more other products informations on our website: www.kingtronics.com , maybe you can find some products you need.

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