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Kt Kingtronics 1N4007 Tape&Reel RoHS stock offer & product photo

As you know, general diode rectifier M7, 1N4007 and switching diode LL4148 are very common and popular in the market. This year, we win really good diode orders.

To support customers better, Kingtronics prepare stocks on offer. So the price and lead time are very attractive.

Pls note all the parts are NEW and Original. First come, first served. We will replenish stock once use out. Do you have any order plan now?

Stock status:

Axial Diode 1N4007 DO-41 T&R RoHS. 1,500,000pcs in stock (US$ 0.0057/pc)

SMD Diode M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS. 550, 000pcs in stock

Switching Diode LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS. 2,000,000pcs in stock

Pls visit our website www.kingtronics.com for details.

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