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Kingtronics FKT-MX X2 Capacitor

#Passive Components #Capacitors #Poly - MKT - Mono - X2 Capacitors #Class X2 Capacitors Mains Suppression
FKT-MX MKP-X2 classe metalizada Polypropylene Film Capacitor hot sell tamanho:


FKT-MX--X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film capacitor


0.1uF 310VAC +/-10% P:10mm 13*12*6mm Bulk RoHS


0.1uF 310VAC +/-10% P:15mm 18*11*5mm Bulk RoHS


0.22uF 310VAC +/-10% P:15mm 18*12*6mm Bulk RoHS

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