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Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitors

Kingtronics high-energy tantalum capacitor is fully-sealed with polar radial leads and represents a new level of technology.
It's characterized by excellent electrical performance, high reliability, long usage life and high energy density in unit volume.

Application Construction:

NPO: Temperature compensation type, have little or no change in
capacitance with variation in temperature. Hence, they are used in
radio-frequency oscillators, precision timing circuits, ultra stable
amplifiers, etc.
X7R: Temperature stable type for by-pass and decoupling in radio
and television receivers, computers servo systems. Audio tone, and
coupling, etc., where moderate capacitance variations are permissible
and dissipation factor is not critical.
Z5U/Y5V: General type for by-pass and filtering applications.

Type: b, C1, , C2(inside kinked), C3...
standard LL:10mm+/-1mm. Max LL:25mm

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