Kt Kingtronics Trimmers on Promoting

Kingtronics are potentiometers manufacturer since 1990. Trimming potentiometers are Kingtronics' first products. Got ISO, SGS certified.
We can offer you below support

--Free trimpot samples, catalogues.
--Handmade sample kits for your showroom or presentation
--Cross Guide (in PDF) for your sales (our trimpot cross to Murata, Tocos, BI technology, Vishay, Bourns)
--5kkpcs monthly output

RKT-Trimming potentiometer
RKT-3006 3/4" (19 mm) Rectangular Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3266 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3296 3/8" (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3323 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3329 1/4" (6 mm) Round Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3362 1/4" (6 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3386 3/8" (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3309 9 mm Through-Hole Cermet Consumer Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3540S Precision Potentiometer (Multiturn)
RKT-3590 Precision Potentiometer (Multiturn)
RKT-C3305 Trimming Potentiometer-3mm SMD
RKT-065 Phenolic Consumer Trimming Potentiometer

Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometer 3386

Brief Description:

Trimmer 3386, 3/8" Square Single Turn Cermet Trimming potentiometer, 3386B, 3386C, 3386H, 3386J, 3386W, 3386S, 3386X, Kingtronics

Detailed Description:

Standard Resistance Range 10Ω - 5MΩ
Resistance Tolerance ±5%, ±10%
Absolute Minimum Resistance ≤1% R or 2Ω
Contact Resistance Variation CRV≤3%
Insulation Resistance R1≥1GΩ(100Vac)
Withstand Voltage 600Vac
Effective Travel 300°
Standard Packaging 50pcs, per tube

RoHS compliant
20 years manufacturer, with good quality and attractive price
Kingtronics own brand “KINGTRONICS”
Kingtronics other trimming potentiometer: 3296 3006 3266 3362 3323 3329 3309 3590 3540 065 063 C3305


Kt Kingtronics Diode Rectifier M7

Diode M7 SMA (DO-41) T&R RoHS  (SMD 1N4007) 
M1 ~ M7 : 50 ~ 1000 VOLTS
Excellent quality
5 production lines
monthly output: 50~90 million pcs
Lead time: 1-3 weeks, Regular stock available. 
Diode M7 Application:
alarm, automotive, communications, power meter, ballast construction, payment terminals, terminal block, automobile electronics, TV, cash registers...

Kt Kingtronics 3362 and Bridge Rectifier

Attention please! All the Led Driver manufacturer.
Kingtronics brand trimming potentiometer & bridge rectifier KBL, KBP series, with ISO/SGS/UL certificates.
They are largely used on LED driver.
Welcome to inquire about them. Let us cooperate for your cost down! The following detailed description for your  reference.
RKT--trimming potentiometer
RKT-3362P-102-R  SPQ:50pcs/tube   MOQ:2,000pcs
RKT-3362S-102-R  SPQ:50pcs/tube   MOQ:2,000pcs
3006 3266 3329 3386 3540 3590 C3305...
Kt Bridge Rectifier
KBP210 KBP Bulk RoHS   MOQ:5,000pcs
KBL410 KBL Bulk RoHS    MOQ:5,000pcs
DB107S MB6S KBU610 GBU410 GBJ610 KBPC3510...

Kt Kingtronics Promotion Literature

Welcome to promote kingtronics excellent products: Trimming potentiometer, Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor, Dipped

tantalum capacitor, Diode&Bridge rectifier, Transistor, Quartz Crystal..