Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometers

Обрезка потенциометров:
Электрический механическое устройство с тремя терминалами. Две клеммы подключены к 
концам резистивный элемент и один терминал соединен с подвижным контактом, который 
проводящего скользит по элементу, тем самым позволяя входное напряжение делится в 
зависимости от механического ввода. Он может функционировать либо как делитель 
напряжения или реостатом.

Проволочные Обрезка Потенциометр:

Обрезки потенциометра характерно резистивного элемента из витков провода, на котором 
только стеклоочистителя контакты небольшая часть каждого хода.

Номера для проволочные Обрезка Потенциометр:

Обрезки потенциометра характерно непрерывным характером площади поверхности 
резистивного элемента, чтобы связаться. Контакт поддерживают в непрерывном, непрерывной траектории. Сопротивление достигается использованием материала композиции, кроме 
проволоки, такие как углерод, проводящего пластика, металлической пленки и 

Для больше продуктов, пожалуйста, проверьте информацию: http://www.kingtronics.com/trimming-potentiometers/

Kt Kingtronics Gestão Poder

O gerenciamento de energia refere-se a como efetivamente alocado para o sistema de diferentes 
componentes da fonte de alimentação. O gerenciamento de energia é muito importante contar com 
energia da bateria de dispositivos móveis. Tecnologia de gerenciamento de energia também 
chamado de tecnologia de controle de energia. Ele pertence à categoria de poder tecnologia 
eletrônica. hoje em dia tem sido amplamente aplicada à indústria, energia, transportes, informação, 
aeroespacial, defesa, educação, cultura, e muitos outros campos.

Nossos diodos e retificadores de ponte pode ser usado para gerenciamento de energia.
Para mais informações, por favor consulte produtos: http://www.kingtronics.com/bridge-rectifiers/

Application of product segmentation: 

Computer Power

KBP210  KBP310  D2UB100  D3UB100  D4UB100  GBU410  GBU610


KBP210  KBP310  D2UB100  D3UB100  D4UB100  GBU410  GBU610  
FR207  FR107  HER108  HER208  HER308  SR3200


ES1J  1N4007  M7  FR107  SS16  US1J

UPS( Uninterrupted Power System )

MD120C18D1  KBPC2510  KBPC3510  S25VB100  MD200C18D2

Server Power Suppy

KBU410  KBU610  KBU810  KBU1010  KBU1510  KBU2510  D2UB100  
D3UB100  GBU410  GBU610  GBU810  GBU1510  GBU2510  KBJ410 
GBJ610  KBPC2510

Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometers

The combination of proprietary cermet element technology, precious metal brush contacts and 
swaged pin element connections used in BI trimmers permits the manufacture of precision, high quality trimmers that span the resistance range from 10 ohms to over 5 megohms. The small size and planar 
construction of these trimmers minimize stray circuit reactances and permit the trimmers to perform well in many high frequency applications.


Precision brass leadscrew cuts its own grooves in the teflon rotor so that the operation of the rotor is 
free of backlash. Setability is excellent.

Sealing Grooves
Leadscrew has specially cut grooves to ensure a watertight seal.

Ceramic Substrate

High density substrate provides an excellent base for the element and is a good conductor of heat.

Cermet Element

BI’s proprietary cermet element matches the materials in the wirebrush so that CRV is minimized and 
the high temperature setability is excellent.

Swaged Pins

BI’s pin connections, which are swaged to the substrate, are free of solder and maintain high 
conductivity with time and temperature cycling.

Kt Kingtronics Order Plan

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TKT-Dipped tantalum capacitor (cross AVX/Kemet/Panasonic/Nichicon...)

CKT-chip tantalum capacitor (cross AVX/Kemet/Vishay/Panasonic...)

full cross reference:  http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/Kingtronics-Tantalum-and-Ceramic-Capacitors-Cross-Reference.pdf

Kt Kingtronics Continues Love Activity

In the golden seasonevery one is ready to have a bumper harvest. 

Business men want to increase the sales amount, office workers want to highlight his work with 
achievements. Housewifes are thinking about all different kinds of dishes.

However, students needs to figure out a new study plan for this school term. For schooling, Autumn is always a new start.

In this beautiful Autumn, Kingtronics had a enjoyable trip to visit the chilren in the mountain village. 

This time, we are glad that some children are grow up  healthily happily and get good school score. 
Three of them will going to senior middle school. 

They will experience another important period of their life. We hope all the children will make good use of their schooling time.

Finally, we shared some meaningful moments with them. We wish them to know the most important 
thing for one person's personality is to have a sense of gratitude.

We wish someday they will turn to somebody and help others as much as they can.

Kt Kingtronics Exhibition Plan & Order

Kingtronics exhibition schedule: Electronica 2016 in Munich & Expo electronica 2016 in Moscow. Will you attend it?

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Trimming potentiometer 3006 3266 3296 3323 3329 3386 3540 3590 C3305...

Dipped tantalum capacitor & Chip tantalum capacitor

Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor & Axial multilayer ceramic capacitor 

Diode M7 LL4148 S1M 6A10 SM4007 BZV55C BZX55C BZX84C...

Bridge rectifier DB107S, MB2S-MB10S, KBL410 KBPC3510 GBU410...
Transistor BC807, BC817, BC846~BC850, BC856~BC859, MMBT3904...

Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometers

A trimmer is generally used in an electrical or electronic circuit for the purpose of providing minor 
adjustments or calibrations. This implies that the trimmer is not used in the regular operation of the 
circuit, but would be required to make initial and periodic adjustments to compensate for circuit 
variables. This implies that the trimmer must be able to remain at its setting for long periods of time 
without variation in setting or contact resistance.

For more products information please check: http://www.kingtronics.com/trimming-potentiometers/

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RKT trimmer potentiometer: 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S 3269 New SMD C3305 (we offer 
free samples for testing, monthly output 6kkpcs)

TKT—Dipped tantalum capacitor & MKT—Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor (unbeatable prices in the market)

Transistor BC847A/B/C SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

Transistor BC807-16/25/40 SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

Switching diode BAV70 SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

Switching diode BAV99 SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS 

LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS

Kt Kingtronics Potentiometers Styles

There are three basic trimmer styles and their variations. They are:

• Round single turn

• Square multiturn
• Rectangular multiturn

The basic components of each are the cermet resistance element, the wiper, and the rotor or slider 
and its drive mechanism that moves the wiper on the element. All must be designed and manufactured to operate together with high precision over a broad temperature range.

Kingtronics potentiometers (Kt trimming potentiometer) include following part number: RKT-3006RKT-3266RKT-3269RKT-3296RKT-3323RKT-3329RKT-3362RKT-3386RKT-3309RKT-3540S

For more products information please check: http://www.kingtronics.com/trimming-potentiometers