Kt Kingtronics Melf and SMA Package

Você sabe qual é a diferença entre Melf e SMA Package? Vamos tirar uma comparação, você pode 
fácil obter características deles. Consulte a tabela abaixo.

Comparison between Melf and SMA package

Build in massive copper plugs

Build in copper leadframe technology

Superior thermal resistance due to massive 
plugs removing heat easily

Leadframe technology possess higher thermal

Superior surge current rating due to high heated capacity of plugs, absorbing easily short lasting high energy surges

Leadframe technology has got less heat capacity

Tends to “roll away” during assembly, therefore
better fitted for wave soldering
(where devices are glued to the PCB)

Applicable to all kinds of welding such as reflow or wave soldering

More sensitive against mechanical forces
applied to the plugs

Leadframe technology provides better stress
relief, therefore less sensitivity against mechanical stress to the leads

Parameters of a 1A/1000V 
Standard Rectifier–SM4007

Parameters of 1A/1000V           
Standard Rectifier–S1M

Kt Kingtronics Diode Rectifier M7

Diode M7 SMA (DO-41) T&R RoHS  (SMD 1N4007) 
M1 ~ M7 : 50 ~ 1000 VOLTS
Excellent quality
5 production lines
monthly output: 50~90 million pcs
Lead time: 1-3 weeks, Regular stock available. 
Diode M7 Application:
alarm, automotive, communications, power meter, ballast construction, payment terminals, terminal block, automobile electronics, TV, cash registers...

Kingtronics Offer Trimmer Potentiometers

Are you looking for trimmer potentiometer supplier? Do you want to get quotation directly from ISO 
manufacturer Kingtronics? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

ISO & SGS certified factory 
RoHS & REACH compliant

MOQ  2000pcs each value;  Lead time: 4-6 weeks; 5KKpcs monthly output

Catelogue & Samples kits & Cross reference (in PDF & Excel) are avaliable. 

Kingtronics can provide high quality equivalence for Murata, Tocos, BI technology, Vishay, Bourns...

Kt Diode and Bridge Rectifiers

Diode M7, S1M, LL4148...
Zener Diode BZV55C, BZX55C, 1N4148...
Bridge Rectifier DB107S, MB2S~MB10S, GBU410...

Kingtronics is an ISO, SGS & UL certified manufacturer since 1990, with two factories, one of them 
specializes in diode and bridge rectifiers.

Kt Kingtronics hot offer for DB107S & MB6S

Dear Sir or Madam:
Greeting for Easter holiday!
Do you know that Kingtronics have two factories?
Kingtronics is one of the oldest trimmer factory in CN, with ISO 9001: 2008 certied, we produce these trimmer: 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S.
Besides, we are very strong in bridge rectifier. Please check below prices. Do you have bridge rectifier or diode LL4148 M7 S1M inquiry? Please send to me.
US$0.0492/pc     DB107S  DBS   50pcs/Tube  RoHS    with UL approved 
US$0.0432/pc     MB10S MBS  2500pcs/Reel  RoHS    with UL approved
More diode & bridge rectifier:
Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, GS1M, SM4007, UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B;    Zener BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4761A, ZM4728;   Bridge DB107, MB10S, KBL410,  KBPC2510,  KBPC3510,  GBU410, GBJ810....etc...
Meet us at Expo Electronica Moscow Russia 2012 from April 11th to 13th Booth No J36 Hall 3

Best wishes,
Ms. Sunny Chen

Sales Coordinator
Kingtronics International Company
Tel: 86 769 8118 8110  Fax: 852 8106 7099
skype: kingtronics.sales2
email (msn): sales4@kingtronics.com  

Kt Kingtronics---LL4148 Small Siganal Diode

Kt Kingtronics---LL4148 Small Siganal Diode

Datasheet: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/LL4148.pdf
Fast switching diode in MiniMELF case especially suited
for automatic surface mountin, used in Extreme fast switches.
Price is unbeatable on the market ! We are ISO manufacturer with two factories.
LL4148  LL34 T&R RoHS
Case: Minimelf / SOD80
L/T: Stock or 3~4 Weeks
Package: Tape&Reel
MPQ: 2.5Kpcs/Reel
Kingtronics own brand " KINGTRONICS"

Other diodes: M7, MCL4148, S1M, GS1, M1N4001S-1N4007S, 1N4001-1N4007, 1N5391-1N5399, RL201-RL207, 1N5400-1N5408, 6A05-6A10, FR101-FR107, 1N4933-1N4937, FR151-FR157, FR201-FR207, 1N5817-1N5819, 1N5820-1N5822, BZV55C & ZMM55C, RS1M, SM4007 melf, UF4007

Looking forward for your inquiry !!

Thanks in advance!

Contact Kingtronics sales Olivia:  sales1@kingtronics.com