Kt Kingtronics A Happy&Cool Summer

Hello Everybody

Wish you a cool summer, a cool Kingtronics' trimmer order.o(

Our Kingtronics International Company is specialized in trimmer, so if you are interested in this part, pls feel free to send me your inquiry. Let's make you have a happy&cool summer!

Can cross many famous brands

Fast lead time& good price

RKT—Trimmer Potentiometer
RKT-3386P-202-R (2K Ohm )
RKT-3296W-203-R (20K Ohm) 
RKT-3362H-504-R (500K Ohm)
RKT-3323C-203-R (20K Ohm)
RKT-3006P-502-R (5K Ohm)

RKT-3269W-103-R (10K Ohm)