Kt Kingtronics Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal is generally divided SMD and plug-in (Dip) two categories:

1)  Dip: The plug can be used to size and pin points. Such as full-size, also known as a rectangle or 
14pin, half-size, also known as a square or 8pin. But the 14pin and 8pin are by foot median oscillator 
IC's internal core. Oscillator itself is 4pin. And from a different application level to points, can be divided into OSC (general), TCXO (temperature compensation), VCXO (voltage controlled), OCXO (Constant 
temperature) etc.


HC-49U: Generally referred 49U, also known as "low-profile"

HC-49S: Commonly known as 49S, also known as "low-profile"

HC-49SS: Generally referred 49SS, also known as (ultra low profile, usually 2.5mm package height)

Fork type (columnar crystal): In accordance with the volume fraction can be divided into 3×9, 3×8, 2×6, 1×5, 1×4, etc

2) SMDBy size and pin to classify, pins have 4pin and 2pin points.

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