Kt Kingtronics Advantage Compete

1. Есть ли у вас купить пассивные компоненты? Если да, есть какие-либо проблемы вы 
столкнулись? Как качество, цена, упаковка и L / T ...
    Пассивные компоненты, включая триммера, кристалл кварца, радиального типа /, 
смоченным в MLCC и танталовых конденсаторов. Мы производим эти детали.

2. Мы ISO 9001: 2008 производитель с 1990 года Может быть, мы можем помочь вам 
разрешить над проблемами.

    а. Качество очень хорошее. С ISO, UL & SGS утверждения.
    б. Цены являются конкурентоспособными на рынке, может быть, не самая низкая, но она 
стоит наших уважаемых продукции.

    гр. Хороший пакет и быстрая доставка время.

3. Мы также продаем наши части Ньюарк Farnell (Element 14), Avnet Abacus, заставить, YE International ...

4. В отличие от других поставщиков, наша служба очень хорошо, пользуются хорошей 
репутацией на рынке.

    Мы показываем наши продукты в Мюнхене выставке Electronica, Москва Expo Electronica, 
Бразилия FIEE, HK Азии Electronica.

5. Ниже наши Пассивные компоненты мы производим, пожалуйста, пожалуйста, 
проверьте, если у вас есть запрос на нас.

МКТ: Радиальная многослойных керамических конденсаторов.

ЛКТ: Чип многослойных керамических конденсаторов


HKT: Высокое напряжение Многослойный керамический конденсатор


ТКТ: Ближний конденсатор тантала.


Танталовый конденсатор Чип: ЦКТ

РКТ: триммер потенциометра 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S SMD C3305 ...


QKT: кварцевый кристалл HC49S, HC49U, HC49SMD.


Kt Kingtronics Works As Normal

Dear valued customers,

This year is the 66th anniversary of the founding of our People's Republic of China.

I wish our great motherland is getting better tomorrow, and Kingtronics get more business chance with you !

From October 5 to 7 our kingtronics sales team work as normal. Pls feel free to contact us if you have new order plan before Christmas and 2016 forecast on our strong part as below !

RKT trimmer potentiometer: 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S 3269 New SMD C3305 (we offer 
free samples for testing, monthly output 6kkpcs)

TKT—Dipped tantalum capacitor & MKT—Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor (unbeatable prices in the market)

Transistor BC847A/B/C SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

Transistor BC807-16/25/40 SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

Switching diode BAV70 SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

Switching diode BAV99 SOT-23 T&R RoHS 

M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS 

LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS

Kt Kingtronics Small Signal Transistor SOT-23 Tape & Reel 3,000pcs/Reel

Short Lead Time, Stable and High Quality, Extremely Competitive Prices

BC807-16/25/40, BC817-16/25/40   US$0.0066/pc
BC846A/B/C ~ BC850A/B/C               US$0.0045/pc
BC856A/B/C ~ BC859A/B/C
MMBT3904, MMBT3906, MMBT8050C/D, MMBT8550C/D, MMBT9012G/H, MMBT9013G/H, MMBT9014B/C/D, MMBT9018G/H, MMBTSC945L/O/P/Y...

Kingtronics/Kt brand, ISO, SGS & UL certified manufacturer since 1990
Datasheets: http://www.kingtronics.com/diodes-rectifiers/

---Other Active Lines: diode LL4148, M7, S1M, GS1M, BZV55C, BAV70, BAV99, bridge DB107, MB10S, GBU410...

LCD TV set, monitors, speakers, power supplies, energy-saving lamps, microwave ovens, printers, set-top boxes, small household electrical appliances, etc.

Kt Kingtronics Small Signal Transistor

Kingtronics Small Signal Transistor offer--High quality & more competitive price than Diodes, Fairchild, NXP, ON Semi, STM.

Regarding how transistor work, pls refer to : http://www.kingtronics.com/news/20131003.html

Small Signal Transistor
BC807-16/25/40   BC817-16/25/40
BC846A/B/C ~ BC850A/B/C         
BC856A/B/C ~ BC859A/B/C
MMBT3904           MMBT3906
MMBT8050C/D      MMBT8550C/D
MMBT9012G/H      MMBT9013G/H
MMBT9014B/C/D   MMBT9018G/H

Diode Rectifier
BAV70 SOT-23 T&R RoHS  SPQ:3kpcs/reel 
BAV99 SOT-23 T&R RoHS  SPQ:3kpcs/reel 
M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS  SPQ:5kpcs/reel, 80kpcs and 14kgs per carton, carton size: 35*35*35cm

Kt Kingtronics Diode M7, LL4148


RKT--Trimming Potentiometer 

RKT-C3305 3mm SMD trimmer   (cross to Bourns 3303 and Murata PVZ3A)
Cross to Bourns, Murata, BI Technology, Vishay...

TKT--Dipped Tantalum Capacitor 
Cross reference:
AVX--TAP series, Kemet--T350 to T390, China P/N--CA42, Nemco--TB  PD,  NIC--NDTM  

MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 
AKT--Axial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
Cross reference:
AVX--SA SR series, Murata  RPE series,  Kemet C315-C350, TDK FK series 

Diode Rectifier M7--Best Seller Diode
5 production lines; monthly output: 50~90 million pcs
1-3 weeks lead time, Regular stock available

LL4148 & BZV55C
LL4148 Minimelf (LL-34) T&R RoHS   2.5K/REEL
BZV55C Minimelf (LL-34) T&R RoHS  2.5K/REEL 
Cross to PML4148, FDLL4148, MM4148, RLS4148TR...

Kt Kingtronics Catalogue,

Kingtronics provide Catalogue, M7 leaflet, Sample kit, Filefolder, Multitool to our customers.

More details please visit below link :http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/Kingtronics-Promotion-Literature.pdf

Hot products : BZV55C, BZX55C, Radial MLCC, Radial multialyer ceramic capacitor, Dipped tantalum 
Trimmer potentioemter 3296, 3006, 3386, 3323, 3329. 3590, 3540...

Kt Kingtronics Promotion Literature

Dear Valued customers,
We invite you to help us promote our products, we can give your full support, like our catalogue/ leaflet, sample kit, filefolder and mutiltool.



Kt kingtronics wish you a prosperous and happy new year !

Dear Customer,

How is your new year's holiday ? I believe you must have a wonderful time, right ?

Do you have any inquiry or order request now ? Welcome send me to check, i will work as normal during our Chinese Spring Festival.

We are more than happy to help you do more business. I would like to represent our staff and leadership wish you a prosperous and happy new year !

Kingtronics MKT series: radial multilayer ceramic capacitor
0.1uF 50V +/-10% X7R P: 5.08mm Bulk RoHS
0.1uF 50V +/-20% Y5V P: 5.08mm Bulk RoHS
0.5pF 50V +/-5% NPO P: 5.08mm Bulk RoHS
Can replace following Brand: AVX SR series, SA series; Murata RPE series ; Kemet C315-C350; Vishay K (Mono Cap); Nippon THD series; Panasonics ECU-S

Kingtronics TKT series: radial tantalum capacitors
1uF 25V +/-20% P: 2.54mm Bulk RoHS
1uF 35V +/-20% P: 5.08mm Bulk RoHS
2.2uF 25V +/-20% P: 2.54mm Bulk RoHS
Can replace following Brand: AVX Tap series; NIC NDTM series; Kemet: T350 to T390 TB; Nemco TB series; China CA42 series ;

RKT--Trimmer potentiometer, cermet trimmer( cross to Bourns, Murata, Tocos, Vishay, BI technology)
RKT-C3305 3mm SMD trimmer (cross to Bourns 3303 and Murata PVZ3A)

Kingtronics International Company

ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturer,  UL certification, SGS certification available.

Brand:  Kingtronics, trademark: Kt, King, Kingtronics

Kt Kingtronics will exhibit at Expo Electronica Moscow 2013

Welcome to visit us, the booth no. will advice you later.
If you also attend to this fair, please let us know your schedule, thank you!
Kintronics are ISO manufacturer since1990, have 2 factories, our quality is very good, we are your best choice for supplier. We also supply to Newark Farnell, Avnet Abacus, Anglia UK...
Appreciate to meet  you on Expo electronica fair.

Kt Kingtronics condensadore

Bom dia querida,

você vai assistir a FIEE ou electronicAmericas em 2013?

 Nós trabalhamos com muitas empresas grande, como Avnet, Farnell, Newark, devido à excelente qualidade e preços competitivos.

você poderia pls me enviar alguma RFQs? Vamos nos tornar seu parceiro de redução de custos! E-mail: sara@kingtronics.cn


US$0.0068/pc for 500K~1KKpcs M7 DO-214AC T&R RoHS
US$0.0032/pc for 2KKpcs LL4148 LL-34 T&R RoHS
US$0.0046/pc for 1KKpcs 0.5W BZX55C2V7 ~ 47V DO-35 Bulk RoHS
US$0.0065/pc for 1KKpcs 0.5W BZV55C2V0 ~ 47V LL-34 T&R RoHS

MKT--condensadores multicamadas de cerâmica
US$0.0055/pc 0.01uF 50V X7R +/-10% P:5.08mm Bulk RoHS
Cross Guide: AVX--SA SR series, Murata RPE series, Kemet C315-C350, TDK FK series

RKT--Trimming Potentiometers (ISO/SGS certificado):
US$0.064/pc RKT-3296W-102-R