Kt SMD 3mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

Большинство поставщиков из Китая откладывает график производства после праздника CNY в этом году.
Вы столкнулись с проблемой более длительного времени?

У нас есть складское предложение в HK для 3-миллиметрового керамического конденсаторного триммера с микросхемой ниже SMD, который может пересечь Murata PN, чтобы помочь вам получить быструю доставку.
Первым прибыл - первым обслужен Эквивалент в русском языке: поздний гость гложет и кость!

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Kt MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Stable and High Quality, Competitve Price, 3~4 Weeks Lead Time

P/N                                                MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
MKT0805B103K500F3R             0.01uF 50V X7R +/-10% P:5.08mm Bulk RoHS
MKT0805Y105M500F3R             1uF 50V Y5V +/-20% P: 5.08mm Bulk RoHS
MKT0805N101J500F1R             100pF 50V NPO +/-5% P: 2.54mm Bulk RoHS

Please view or download datasheet via this link:

MKT-Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Mono Cap) Cross Guide
Kingtronics AVX Murat Kemet Vishay NIC Nippon TDK Daewoo
MKT series SR, SA series RPE series C315-C350 K(Mono Cap) NCM / NCMA THD series FK Series

TS series

Kt Multilayer Radial Ceramic Cap

Dear Valued customers,

As you know, Kingtronics are ISO manufacturer of capacitors for many years.

The strongest capacitor is Multilayer Radial Ceramic Capacitor. Our price, quality, lead time and 
service are excellent.

If you are buying capacitor brand like AVX, Kemet, Murata.... We can offer equivalence and help you 
cost down.

Kindly check below description in different language and see if you have inquiry/order on hand ? We 
are your best choice!


Mehrlagen keramik kondensatoren

tht keramikkondensatoren


kondensatoren mlcc tht



Condensatori ceramici multistrato



Condensadores  - cerámicos multicapa

mono condensador


condensateurs céramiques tht

condensateurs mlcc tht


ceramic thru hole

Radial MLCC Capacitor


Keramiska kondensatorer  -  

Keramiska multilayer  Kingtronics radiella 2.54mm


tht keraamiset kondensaattorit

mlcc tht kondensaattorit


kondensatory mlcc tht  

 kondensatory ceramiczne tht


конденсаторы керамические tht

конденсаторы mlcc tht


конденсатори керамічні tht

конденсатори mlcc tht


condensatoare mlcc tht

condensatoare ceramice tht


keramické kondenzátory tht

kondenzátory mlcc tht


керамични кондензатори tht

кондензатори mlcc tht


condensadores multicamadas de cerâmica



tht kerámia kondenzátorok

mlcc tht kondenzátorok


keramické kondenzátory tht

kondenzátory mlcc tht

Kt Kingtronics Electronic Components Used on Communication Equipment

Are you manufacturer in the field of communication equipments?

Do you produce speaker, receiver, touch panel, charger or microphone? All of them have large demands for diode and bridge rectifier. Could you pls check and send us your inquiry?

diode: BZV55BB5V1, BZT52B6V2S, MMSZ5231B, BZX55C BZV55C BZX84C...
bridge rectifier: MB10S, SK34, DB107, DB107S, GBU410, DF06S...

ISO/SGS/UL certified and RoHS Compliant

Kt Kingtronics Strong Series Components

Kingtronics Strong Series Components
( Diodes, Bridge rectifier, Capacitors, Trimmer Potentiometers )
Active Components
Diode rectifier
:  Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, 1N4007, GS1M, SM4007, US1M, RS1M,UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B...
Bridge rectifier: ABS2-ABS10, DB107, DB107S, MB2~10S, W04M, KBL410,  KBPC2510,  KBPC3510,  GBU410, GBJ810...
Zener diode:     BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4727A-1N4761A, ZM4728 ~ZM4761, ZMM1 thru ZMM75

Passive Components
:  Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor.
AKT:  Axial multilayer ceramic capacitor
TKT:  Dipped tantalum capacitor.
RKT:  Trimmer potentiometer 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S SMD C3305...


Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitors, mono capacitor, which is one of most strong series of Kingtronics.
Kingtronics international company, a hongkong based maunfaucturer since 1990, with ISO 9001 : 2008 approval, under our own brand "kingtronics".
We have registered trademark "Kt".
Our radial multilayer ceramic capacitor with very good reputation in the market!
We sell to many big customers over the world, and never get complaint.
We have mature technoloty for this capacitor with unbeatable price!


Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

Kt Kingtronics radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

Kingtronics, we are ISO manufacturer with two factories. Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor is one of kingtronics most strong offer!
We sell radial multilayer ceramic capacitor to many big customer for many years, we are the most competitive manufacturer in the market!
Here show you some brief description of our products, with mature technology:
Kingtronics own brand: Kingtronics
Technical support
2-3 weeks delivery
unbeatable price
good service
high quality
free samples
With above you should trust kingtronics will not let you down!
If you have any doubt you can contact our sales at any time, we will response you at the soonest!
Please have a look at our picture, from the sight of view you may satisfied with our products, let's go ahead, start our further cooperations!

Kt Kingtronics Sincere Invitation to Electronica 2012 Munich(samples exhibited)

Kt Kingtronics Sincere Invitation to Electronica 2012 Munich (samples exhibited)

Are you on summer holiday now?
The yearly electronic components exhibition in Germany will begin after several months later. Do you plan to be there?
Kindly pls note we Kingtronics will exhibit there at booth No: B6.437/5 on 13th-16th Nov, 2012. Welcome to visit our booth and take free samples for the testing.
As previous exhibitions, this time we still arrange those popular samples for the visitors and customers. Below are part of the popular items we Kingtronics produce.
Diode: M7 LL4148 S1M SM4007 6A10 US1M UF4001 BZX55C BZV55C 1N4729A...
Bridge rectiifer: DB107S MB6S MB10S KBL410 KBPC3510...
Capacitor: Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor & dipped tantalum capacitor
Trimming potentiometer 3006 3266 3296 3362 3386 3540 3590...
If you have inquiry for these hot products on hand, kindly pls send us and let me quote the best price for you.
Any furhter request/help, pls email to sara@kingtronics.cn and I will reply you instantly. Thank you very much.

Kt Kingtronics Radial MLCC Capacitor

MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, through hole, radial type 

MKT different countries Key words:
kondensatoren mlcc THT(Germany); Condensatori ceramici multistrato(Italy); mono condensador(Spain);condensateurs céramiques THT(France)
Keramiska kondensatorer(Sweden); mlcc tht kondensaattorit(Finland); kondensatory ceramiczne THT(Poland); конденсаторы керамические THT(Russia)
конденсатори mlcc THT(Ukraine); condensatoare mlcc THT(Romania); keramické kondenzátory THT(Slovakia); керамични кондензатори THT(Balgaria)
condensadores multicamadas de cerâmica PTH (Brazil); tht kerámia kondenzátorok(Hungry); keramické kondenzátory THT(CZ)

MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, through hole, radial type
0.01uF 50V X7R +/-10% P:5.08mm bulk RoHS US$0.0055/pc
Datasheet: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/radial-mlcc-capacitors.pdf

MKT -Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Mono Cap)  Cross Guide 

Kingtronics Series          AVX                   Murata              Kemet     
 MKT series               SR,SA series     RPE series     C315-C350    
      Vishay              NIC         Nippon            TDK          Panasonic 
 K(Mono Cap)         NCM    THD series    FK Series     ECU-S


Kt Kingtronics--Inspired by Innovation

Kt Kingtronics--Inspired by Innovation 

(To be or not to be our Distributor )

We are looking for distributors these days. Do you want to be our distributor?
We are ISO professional manufacturer, HongKong based company. Have 2 factories producing electronics components.
Our components got approval with ISO, UL and SGS certifications. Quality is very good.  We own our strong technical support team. Provide you free samples

1.  Professional manufacturer
2.  High quality commitment
3.  Well-known brand Kingtronics
4.  Competitive prices
5.  Fast lead time & stock
6.  Strong sales support
7.  Sales response quickly
8.  Strong technical support
9.  Excellent customer service
10. Exhibitions overseas
Below items are our factory stong parts, appreciate to your inquiry or comments. Thanks in advance!
MKT:  Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor.
TKT:   Dipped tantalum capacitor.
RKT:   Trimmer potentiometer 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329 3590S SMD C3305...
Diode rectifier:  Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, GS1M, SM4007, US1M, RS1M, UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B...
Bridge rectifier: ABS2-ABS10, DB107, MB10S, W04M, KBL410,  KBPC2510,  KBPC3510,  GBU410, GBJ810...
Zener diode:     BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4727A-1N4761A, ZM4728 ~ZM4761, ZMM1 thru ZMM75
Surge arrester and Quartz crystal line

Please view our product list at our link for detail: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/leaflets.pdf