Kingtronics SMD Trimming Potentiometer

Estamos felizes em compartilhar com você nossa boa notícia de que a Kingtronics está comprometida em desenvolver SMD Trimming Potenciômetro que são menores e mais convenientes para os usuários montarem.

Por favor, verifique abaixo nossa lista de produtos, bem-vindo seu inquérito para mais informações.
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Aplicação: Laptops, fontes de alimentação, handhelds, sistemas de abertura da porta, câmeras, estéreo do carro, módulos do LCD, sensores, etc.
RKT-3269 SMD Square Trimming Potenciômetro
RKT-C3305 Trimming Potenciômetro-3mm SMD
RKT-3313 3mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potenciômetro
RKT-3314 Surface Mount 4mm Square Single-Turn Cermet Trimming Potenciômetros
RKT-3224 4mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potenciômetro

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Kingtronics SMD Trimming Potentiometer product series: RKT-3313, RKT-3314, RKT-3224, RKT-C3305, RKT-3269

Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometer

A trimmer  is a miniature adjustable electrical component. It is meant to be set correctly when installed in some device, and never seen or adjusted by the device's user.
Trimmers can be variable resistors (potentiometers), variable capacitors, trimmable inductors. They are common in precision circuitry components, and may need to be adjusted when the equipment is serviced.
Trimmers are mounted directly on circuit boards, are usually found in superhet radio and television receivers, in the Intermediate frequency, oscillator and RF circuits.
In one words, trimmers are in wide used in our daily life, so the demand of trimmer is huge in the market!

Kingtronics is a manufacturer of Trimming potentiometer since 1990, we are one of the oldest factory for trimming potentiometer.
All products are RoHS compliant under our own brand "kingtronics" with registered trade mark "Kt" on the body.

We produce all parts with mature technology, quality is very good with ISO & SGS certifications available, and price is quite competitive in the market!

Please visit our website, you will find more excellent parts!

Kt Kingtronics Precision Potentiometer 3590

Precision Potentiometer 3590

Brief description:
Precision Potentiometer 3590, PRECISION MULTITURN WIREWOUND POTENTIOMETER, round, 3590S, Kingtronics
Detailed Description:
Standard Resistance Range 1KΩ - 100KΩ
Resistance Tolerance ±5%
Independent Linearity ±0.5%
Effective Electrial Travel ≥3600° - 10°
Treninal Resistance ≤0.2% or 5Ω
Noise ≤3% R or 5Ω
Insulation Resistance R≥1GΩ
Withstand Voltage 101.3kPa710V, 8.5kPa470V
Standard Packaging 10pcs/box, 20pcs/box


Kt Kingtronics trimming potentiometer

Do you need any trimming potentiometers?  
We offer "kingtronics" brand with competitive price,  very speedy delivery and very high quality.  
And our products are well crossed to Bourns Brand, which perform a variety of circuit adjustments in all types of electronic equipment. 
Around the world, trimmers are used in virtually every electronic market.
Here list you the detail features for one of our most popular part RKT-3296
3/8" Square Multiturn Trimming Potentiometer, Cermet, Sealed, 3296W,3296X,3296Y,3296Z,3296P. 

Detailed Description:

Square trimming potentiometer, Multiturn, Sealed, Cermet

Standard Resistance Range 10Ω - 5MΩ

Resistance Tolerance ±5%, ±10%

Withstand Voltage 640Vac

Temperature Range -55℃ ~ +150℃

Effective Travel 28 turns nom

Standard Packaging 50pcs, per tube 

All of our products are with RoHS compliant, what's more we have more than 20 years experience for trimmers, have mature technology!

Please come up to kingtronics, we will be your best choice!

Kt Kingtronics Trimming Potentiometer RKT-065

Kt Kingtronics Phenolic Consumer Trimming Potentiometer RKT-065

Kingtronics other trimming potentiometer ( RoHS compliant, ISO/SGS certified )
RKT-3006, RKT-3266, RKT-3296, RKT-3323, RKT-3329, RKT-3362, RKT-3386, , RKT-3309, RKT-065, RKT-C3305, RKT-3540S, RKT-3590.
Brief description:
Single Turn/ Phenolic/ Industrial
Detailed Description:
Standard Resistance Range  100Ω - 2MΩ
Resistance Tolerance  ±30%
Residual Resistance  Max 5% of Nominnal Resistance, But under 30Ω
Resistance Taper  Linear (B)
Rated Power  0.1W
Operating Voltage  50V Max
Potational Life
Max ±5% change in resistance after 100 unloaded rotations
Load Life Max ±5% change in resistance after 3 hours loaded
Rotational Angle  200° ± 20°
Rotational Torque
Stop-end Strength minimum

-- ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturer, 2 factories, ISO & UL & SGS certified.
-- Meet us at Electronica 2012, Booth No.: B6.437/5, 13-16 November ,2012, Munich, Germany.
-- Meet us at electronicAsia 2012,Booth No.: 5G-D12, 13-16 October 2012, in HK
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Kingtronics (Kt) Trimming Potentiometers Cross Reference

Since 2012, we have been running the change to new marking "Kt" on potentiometer body. It needs some time to arrange for it, so there will be still some samples and goods with old marking "King". Anyway, both "King" and "Kt" marking are produced by ISO manufacturer Kingtronics. Thanks for your understanding and apologize for all the inconvenience.

Kingtronics (Kt) Trimming Potentiometer Cross Reference Guide Download

Kingtronics B.I. (Beckman) Bourns Murata Vishay Tocos
RKT-3362P 25P 3362P PVC6A CT-6P/ FT-6P/T73YP/76P GF063P
RKT-3329P 62M,82M 3329P PV32P RJ-6P/T7YA/75P RJC06P
RKT-3329H 82P 3329H PV32H RJ-6W/T7YB/T7YB/75H RJC06W
RKT-3006P 89P 3006P PV23P CT-20P/T18/43P RJC097P
RKT-3386P 72P 3386P PV34P T20YP/63P  
RKT-3296W 67W 3296W PV36W CT-94W/CT-9W/T93YA/64W J9W
RKT-3296X 67X 3296X PV36X CT-94X/CT-9X/T93XA/64X J9X

Cross reference are subject to change without notice. For detailed specification, please refer to our datasheet only

Kt Kingtronics Trimming potentiometer logo change to "Kt"

Kt Kingtronics Trimming potentiometer logo change to "Kt"
Hello my dear friend, did you check our price for  trimming potentiometer 3296W? It is very competitive, right?
Pls remember to send us your inquiry when you have demands. Also pls help to promote to your clients or introduce us some manufacturers who use our components.
Today I have a very important news to tell you--regarding trimming potentiometer logo change.
If you already buy trimmer from us or saw it on the market, I think you know our logo before is "King", but since this month we are changing the log from "King" to "Kt" gradually.
Pls pay attention to our website and notice the latest update
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Kt Kingtronics strong offer diode, radial mlcc, trimming potentiometer


Kingtronics are old manufacturer, we produce good quality and sell very competitive prices for components, welcome to send me inquiry to check our prices. Also we will you very good service!

Here list our strength and advantages:

1) Manufacturer with two factories,  based in HK with our own brand Kingtronics, we have three trademarks: King, Kt, and Kingtronics

2) Certifications we have: ISO 9001: 2008, UL certification (bridge), SGS certification, all our products are with RoHS compliant

3) Lead time for our strong series:
        --Radial multialyer ceramic capacitors 3-4 weeks
        --Radial tantalum capacitors 35-40 days
        --Diode & bridge rectifier: 4-6 weeks
        --LL4148 & diode rectifier M7 have regular stock
        -- Trimming potentiometer 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3590S 4-6 weeks

Kt Kingtronics Trimmer potentiometer 3362 3296 3329


ISO 9001: 2008 Manufacturer Kingtronics, Kingtronics are one of the oldest factory for trimmer potentiometer.

Our trimmer potentiometer have ISO & SGS certifications. We can provide equivalence for Bourns, BI Technology, Tocos, Murata, Vishay, Copal, CTS. You could please visit our website, and you will find our cross reference for trimmer and capacitors.

Do you buy or use below trimmer ? Could you please send me your inquiry? I will give you very competitive prices. Also you could please help me to promote our trimmer to your clients. Our quality and prices will help you! More important, we offer good delivery & service: 4-5 weeks.
RKT--3296W 3296X 3296P 3296Z
RKT--3362P 3362H
RKT--3386H 3386F 3386X 3386P
RKT--3329H 3329P
RKT--3266W 3266X
RKT-3309 9mm Cermet Trimmer 
RKT-065 6mm Phenolic Trimmer
RKT-C3305 3mm SMD trimmer 
RKT-3540S & RKT-3590S 
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